BIRCH (Birmingham Community Housing) Network


Birch Network is a small charity offering support to asylum seekers in Birmingham hotels.

We began our work in 2011 as a hosting network, offering help to asylum seekers whose support from the Home Office had been cut off. Since then we have grown to incorporate a lot more projects: we offer befriending to young people (aged 16 – 24) who have come to the UK alone, we help families with school places and holiday activities and we run support hubs in hotels where we can answer questions and signpost people to the help they need.


Here is a full list of Birch’s services:

  • Offer information about the asylum process/age disputes / claims
  • Help you sign up for English/ ESOL classes
  • Organise wellbeing outings and activities
  • Help get children school places
  • Provide emotional support & social integration
  • Signpost to volunteering opportunities
  • Answer queries
  • Help you to access services