Terms & conditions

This notice covers users of the ESOL Hub website only.  Please also refer to the Terms and Conditions of the individual ESOL providers registered on the ESOL Hub website.

Users of the ESOL Hub website accept responsibility for the accuracy of any personal information they enter on the ESOL Hub website.  This includes name and contact information, date of birth, postcode and residency information.

All information is covered by the ESOL Hub Privacy Policy.

All providers registered on the ESOL Hub website must sign a data sharing agreement before any user’s information is sent to them.

The ESOL Hub will match the user with registered ESOL course provider(s) based on information the user enters.  This includes location and estimated level of English.  Users can choose to send their details to a provider from their matched list.  Users are not obliged to register with the providers listed on the ESOL Hub.

Users must consent before their information is sent to their selected ESOL provider.  This is done by ticking the consent box on the website.  The information cannot be sent until the box is ticked.

Once the user’s information is sent to the selected provider, the user will be contacted by the provider, who will follow up on the enrolment.  This does not guarantee enrolment on a course with the selected provider at the estimated ESOL level.  The ESOL Hub provides a guide to the user’s level of English, based on the results of the self-assessment and reading assessment.  The provider may wish to arrange a full initial assessment at a centre to ensure the accuracy of the user’s ESOL level.  The provider will try to find a suitable course for the user.  The user will be asked to consent to the Terms and Conditions of that provider organisation before enrolling.

If the selected provider is unable to offer an appropriate course within a reasonable timescale, they may refer the user to the ESOL Hub team, who will look for alternative options.