Websites for learning English

Learn English at home with these useful websites.      

Websites to practise all areas of English

  • The Excellence Gateway site – lessons and activities to help you practise your listening and reading and learn new vocabulary and grammar.
  • ESOL Courses – More activities, including reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary to help you learn English.
  • BBC Learning English – Easy, medium and hard activities on a range of topics. Follow an English course, listen to a podcast, watch a video or simply improve your vocabulary, grammar or pronunciation.
  • British Council Learn English – Another website with lots of resources. You can take an online course, practise your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills or learn new grammar and vocabulary. Activities from beginner to advanced level.

Listening websites to learn English

  • Elllo – If you want to focus on your listening, this is great website. Watch videos or listen to sound files of people talking about different topics. You can search for lessons on 7 different levels.
  • Lyrics Training – do you like music? On this website you can listen to different songs and type in some of the missing words. Activities are in four different levels.
  • Listen a Minute – Listen to texts on different subjects and complete interactive activities. All texts are read in a British English accent.

Reading websites to learn English

  • English e-Reader – Free books for adults at different levels. These ‘graded books’ can be downloaded in PDF format. You can also download the audio so you can read and listen at the same time.
  • Breaking News English – This website uses news stories to help you learn English. It is also updated every week with new articles. You can read or listen to different news stories and complete lots of activities. Also available in seven different levels.
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