Refugee Action (Asylum Crisis – CARE Project)


The CARE Project West Midlands provides destitute people who are seeking asylum with the expert advice and casework they need to access support.

When people seeking asylum have their application refused, many of them don’t know what their next options are. The Home Office will expect them to leave the UK, but some may have ongoing asylum issues to resolve. Others may be unable to leave the UK.

Without support and access to quality legal advice, people seeking asylum can fall into homelessness and destitution leaving them at risk of exploitation and unable to make decisions about their future.

We have a holistic approach shaped by the needs of the people we work with, and a strong emphasis on partnership working.

The CARE West Midlands Project helps refused people seeking asylum understand their rights, obtain the support to which they’re entitled or appeal against a refusal to support them. We also provide people seeking asylum with information so they can make the right decisions about their future and avoid becoming homeless and destitute.

You can also contact the CARE project via WhatsApp on 07827775956 / 07929769363 / 07500226652/ 07595189995

We provide weekly outreach online service every Thursday between 10am-1pm which can be accessed via following zoom link.

Meeting ID: 964 1819 1394

Passcode: 949031

You will need to download the app ‘Zoom’ on your phone or access it through intranet to take part. Each week on Thursday between 10am-1pm just click the link to join our online service.